This is a glossary of terms frequently used in NASDA documents and webpages.
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  • AMS
    Agricultural Marketing Service
    The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is a USDA agency established to conduct inspections and regulatory and control programs to protect animal and plant health.  It administers quarantine and eradication programs, and certifies that U.S. exports ...
  • CCA
    Consultative Committee on Agriculture
  • CCC
    Commodity Credit Corporation
  • CMG
    A full service convention and trade show management company.  CMG has provided consulting and staffing resources to NASDA in support of the USFES program since 1991 when NASDA decided to join FMI in an annual show.
  • DOC
    Department of Commerce
  • NRA
    National Restaurant Association
  • UES
    Unified Export Strategy
  • AAEA
    American Agricultural Economics Association
    American Association of Feed Control Officials
  • AAM
    American Agriculture Movement.
  • AAMP
    American Association of Meat Processors.
    Alternative Agriculture Research and Commercialization Corporation.
  • ABA (ABA)
    American Bakers Association.
  • ABA
    American Bankers Association.
  • Abandoned wells
    Abandoned wells definition
  • AC
    Area conservationist
  • ACA (ACA)
    Agricultural Credit Association
  • ACE
    Agriculture in Concert with the Environment
  • Acid deposition / acid rain
    Acid deposition / acid rain definition
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